Jazz Ballet Club

Choreographers: Triinu Leppik-Upkin and Sergei Upkin
Music and arrangement: Dainius Pulauskas
Music Director and Co-Arranger: Toivo Unt

Lighting Designer: Malle Valli
Designer: Kristel Linnutaja
Sound: Paavo Piiparinen, Siim Hiiob
Repetiteurs: Triinu Leppik-Upkin, Sergei Upkin
Stage Manager: Anton Osul
Approx. running time: 1 h 10 min

Mafia Boss: Anatoli Arhangelski
His beautiful wife: Marika Muiste
Their seductive daughter: Marta Navasardyan or Elisabe a Formento
Prodigy gangster: Jevgeni Grib
His not as clever and charismatic partner: Daniel Kirspuu or Carlos Campo Vecino
A young man: Sergei Upkin
A young woman: Helen Bogatch

Jazz-ensemble JBB, soloists: Raul Sööt (tenor saxophone), Allan Järve (trumpet), Mairo Marjamaa (alto saxophone, soprano saxophone), Paavo Piiparinen (guitar), Rain Rämmal (piano, synthesizer), Toivo Unt (bass, bass guitar), Toomas Rull (drums) and Martin Trudnikov (accordion), Edmunds Altmanis (bass clarinet)


The cozy jazz ballet club is the covert headquarters of a mafia gang and its obscure activities. A young man and a woman come to enjoy the evening in the club withouth knowing that they will be involved in a new and enticing world. A bank is robbed on the same evening. It appears that someone has played a sly double game and ra ed on his accomplices as a secret agent of the authorities. Things get messy, but the night is still young…